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Codrin Group Tackles Forests Worldwide, No Matter How Remote

We source our forestry products from forests located in remote locations, ensuring that each customer receives premium-grade material. Our team members are experts at navigating customs regulations and other logistics concerns regarding shipping materials internationally. With decades of combined experience, we offer a full range of forestry products and services tailored to suit the needs of our customers.

Our offices are located in South East Asia and South America, allowing us to supply forestry products from these regions to customers around the world. We work with local suppliers and partners in each country to source quality materials that meet international standards. We have extensive experience managing our own plantations and processing facilities, giving us a unique insight into the industry.

Our experienced team of logisticians help coordinate shipments of our forestry products to global customers, ensuring they are delivered on time and at competitive prices.


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Our Primary Areas of Service


We started operations in Colombia in 2012 with a focus on harvesting and processing native hardwoods. Currently, we are the single largest exporter of wood in the country. Our expertise and knowledge of the region is unrivaled, and we are proud to be able to supply our customers with premium-grade timber from some of Colombia’s most remote regions.


In 2021, we opened our Panama office and began supplying native hardwood to the region’s markets. We have established strong partnerships with local suppliers to ensure a steady supply of quality materials for our customers.


In 2022, we ventured into Uruguay to begin operations in the region. We have added pine to our product list and are able to supply premium-grade pine lumber to customers in the region.


We first established ourselves in Vietnam in 2016 and have since become one of the largest suppliers of tropical hardwoods. Our team is adept at navigating customs regulations to supply our customers with quality materials.


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Codrin Group is dedicated to supplying customers worldwide with premium-grade forestry products and services. No matter where you need it, we can bring it right to your doorstep – no matter how remote or inaccessible the location may be!

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