Native Hardwood: Cumaru, Balsamo, Trebol, Amargo, etc.


Discover the Beauty of Native Hardwood with Codrin Group

Codrin Group offers a broad assortment of native hardwood products for all your needs. Our vast selection includes Cumaru, Balsamo, Trebol, and Amargo, as well as several other species of the highest quality found in South America.

Our process begins with careful harvest in sustainably managed forests all over Latin America. We then have our experienced professionals mill the logs into dimension lumber using state-of-the-art high-tech sawmills at each location we source from. With our experienced team working on your behalf, Codrin ensures that each piece of native hardwood is of superior quality and will meet your exact specifications.


Different Types of Native Hardwood from Codrin Group

The selection of native hardwoods from Codrin Group
includes a variety of high-end wood species that are perfect for any project.


Cumaru is a species of hardwood native to South America. It grows primarily in Brazil but can also be found in other parts of South America, such as Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Guyana. It’s also referred to as Brazilian teak or chestnut due to its resemblance to both woods.

The rich colors of cumaru are also sure to please; this wood ranges from light browns with yellow undertones up to dark brown shades with red undertones. So whatever aesthetic you’re trying to achieve with your project—whether it’s something more subtle or something bolder—cumaru can help get you there!   


The balsamo tree is native to Central and South America and grows in tropical climates. As such, this type of timber is incredibly durable and resistant to pests such as termites. While other types of wood may be susceptible to damage from water or humidity, balsamo wood can withstand humid climates without warping or cracking.

The balsamo tree is not listed on the Endangered Species List and can be sustainably harvested through careful management practices that promote long-term growth and health of the species in its natural environment.


Trebol tree lumber is one of the most sustainable types of wood available on the market today. It is grown in managed forests that are carefully monitored for quality and sustainability. This ensures that only good-quality trebol trees are harvested, which minimizes environmental impact.

Many people prefer using trebol tree lumber for their woodworking projects because it’s easy to work with due to its tight grain structure—which helps prevent cracking or splitting when cutting or drilling into the wood.


Amargo trees are native to South America and can be found in Brazil, Colombia, Peru, and Venezuela. In these areas, they are most commonly found growing in coastal regions or along riverbanks.

The wood of the Amargo tree is highly prized for its strength and durability. It is often used for furniture-making or carpentry projects due to its excellent resistance against wear and tear.


Nazareno is native to the Pacific coast of Costa Rica and Panama and also the Atlantic coast of Colombia. Under FSC standards (Forest Stewardship Council), harvesting of Nazareno can be carried out sustainably with minimal environmental impact.

Nazareno is considered one of the best hardwoods in Central America and is known for its remarkable strength and durability. It is often used in furniture-making, cabinetry, and woodworking projects, as it holds up well to heavy use and can last for generations with proper care.


Why Choose Codrin Group for Your Native Hardwood Needs?

Codrin Group is dedicated to providing the highest quality forestry products and services for international markets. They are committed to sustainability, ensuring that any hardwood they provide comes from FSC-certified forests and is harvested sustainably.

For all your native hardwood needs, you can count on Codrin Group to deliver top-notch lumber of the highest quality at competitive prices. Whether you’re looking for cumaru, balsamo, trebol, amargo or nazareno—or any other type of native hardwood—Codrin Group has you covered with a variety of species in different sizes and grades that are perfect for all sorts of projects!


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